“In Utah right now, suicide has become the leading cause of death for youth ages 10-17, according to numbers just released from the Utah State Department of Health. The youth suicide rate has tripled since 2007. This equates to over 600 suicides a year among youth ages 10-17.

"As experts scramble to find explanations for why this is, turning to higher rates of gun ownership, level of residential mobility, and other explanations for the sudden spike, there are some, like me, who feel the explanation is actually a much simpler one. As Huffington Post states, “Residential mobility, oxygen levels, political culture, and gun ownership rates have all remained fairly steady while youth suicides have tripled. This strongly suggests that something else is going on. … A more likely explanation is the clear elephant in the room: religious context.

“Specifically, many have identified Mormon church rhetoric on LGBT issues in the years following California Proposition 8 in 2008 and especially in the wake of the 2015 Supreme Court ruling as a potential cause of the uptick in youth suicides in Utah compared to the rest of the country. (See 
here,here, here, and here, e.g.). Many anecdotes have linked the tragic suicides of LGBT Mormon youth to their perception that there is no place for them in their community.” - Read the full article here.

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